Food cooked by our patented Cibus Wave® technology retains nearly full nutritional value, natural color, texture and it tastes better. It is the only large-scale industrial cooking process that does not use a cooking medium, like oil, water, steam or hot air.

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The Cibus Wave® system consists of an automated series of microwave oven modules that can continuously and rapidly cook large volumes of product. Products are loaded into specially designed microwave trays that run sequentially through a series of 96 foot long oven modules.

Our patented Cibus Wave® oven system uses deep penetrating microwave technology that evenly heats food. Other microwave ovens randomly apply energy leaving cold spots or over cooked surfaces.

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Cibus Wave® technology has been successfully tested for cooking more than 100 different products, including vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken and fish.

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Cibus Wave® is the leading solution for meeting the demands of today’s consumers who want food products that are natural, fresh, nutritious, full of flavor, free of additives, and easy to prepare; while also meeting food producers demands for safety, hygiene, energy savings, reliability and production efficiency.

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Highest food safety production process because there is no physical contact between food and the oven.

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Higher nutritional value, better taste, texture and color because there is no cooking transfer agent to diminish vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

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Longer product shelf life, since products are fully pasteurized.

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Higher productivity since an individual oven does not require constant cleaning and can be serviced without slowing down or stopping production.

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Waste disposal generates revenue due to an absence of chemical additives which enables sale of waste as animal feed stock.

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Higher energy efficiency, because there is no warm up or cool down period. Energy is only applied to the product.


Cibus Wave® technology was used in a 40 million pound processing facility to prepare potato products sold by these and other major brands. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

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We supply and service Cibus Wave® cooking technology.

Customer Product Testing

We work directly with customers to test cook their product using a full-scale Cibus Wave® oven module.

Design and Quote

We prepare plans, specifications and a price quote to supply, install and service the Cibus Wave® system.

Deliver, Install and Train

We deliver, install and commission the system in the customer’s plant and provide onsite operational training.

Repair and Maintenance

Our package price includes repair and maintenance services on a 24/7 basis with only replacement parts being extra.



We have been in the business of finding microwave applications to serve the food industry since 1986.


National Fruit and Vegetable Technology Corporation, the parent company of Cibus Technology Corporation, was founded as a research and development enterprise with the objective of applying microwave cooking technology on an industrial scale.


The company started operation of the Cibus Wave® system on an industrial scale for processing a full range of potato products in a 150,000 square foot processing facility in Baltimore, Ohio.


NFVTC sold the plant and established Cibus Technology Corporation to focus solely on marketing Cibus Wave® technology to the food industry.


Cibus Wave® intellectual property became protected under US Patent 9,204,501 B1 “Microwave System and Method”. Additional patent claims are pending.


Cibus Technology Corporation is seeking funding to establish a Customer Center where potential clients can test a variety of food products and see for themselves why Cibus Wave® is the outstanding solution.




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